Wednesday, March 16, 2016



You’re nothing without beauty
Nothing if impure
Your body is your asset
But you mind is ignored
Behind this veil
You’re caged
Gawked at, leered at
Exploited, misused
He pats you on the head
But doesn’t hear your voice
Get married, have children
That’s what you are meant for
And once your body is damaged
You’re no longer of use
Beauty fades, its gone so soon
And you’ve been taught since birth
A woman is nothing but her appearance
You’re told you can’t have it all
But men can
They take what they want
And you are forced to give
Take off this veil
Stand, stand apart
Don’t give in any longer
A woman is not her body
Not her looks
She is smart, capable, useful
No need to hide behind the veil
Man has created to enslave you
Pull it back
Live, live for no one but yourself
You can have it all
Because it only matters if it matters to you
Take off the veil
Be a leader


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