Monday, May 16, 2016

9 Reasons why Mormons are Scary

You may have noticed by now that I have been an apostate for a couple years. And for good reason. Sure, it took me awhile to get to this point, because I was so trapped and entrenched in mind dissolving dogma, but I eventually found my way out. I understand that outside of the Mormon bubble, not many people know, or care, about what Mormons are or what they believe. That's awesome. I had no idea, I really thought Mormons were the end all be all, cure for humanity. And everyone who wasn't Mormon was miserable, even if they didn't know it.

So I thought I would compile a list for all you people out there who know nothing about Mormons to show why they are so obnoxiously scary.

(Disclaimer: this is of course not all Mormons. I will make generalizations to show overall attitudes that I have personally observed as a member and nonmember)

1. Mormons are obsessed with appearances

Mormons love to look good. They are obsessed with looking good in the public eye. When there is a famous celebrity who is a Mormon, they fawn all over them, make memes about them, have "I am a Mormon"1 interviews, and tell all their friends, look so-and-so is a Mormon! 

Appearances also mean looking good yourself. For a Mormon, there is nothing worse than someone thinking badly of you. You have to suffer quietly. You can't draw attention to what might be going wrong in your life, because others might see it as your unworthiness or lack of faith. Mental illness doesn't exist. Marital problems are a myth. Cancer is just god's way of showing how much he loves you.

But apart from personal appearances, when someone with a loud voice turns against Mormonism, the members converge against them. They band together with a mob mentality to persecute and blame anyone who leaves the church. They gang up on anyone who says the church might be false. They cannot stand appearing to be false, they cannot stand being accused of lying. They go nuts! And they defend their dogma to a fault. They will publicly humiliate and scorn anyone who poses a threat to their church.

2. They always have an agenda

Mormons are famous for their proselyting. They send young men and women all over the world to share their message. But did you know they also have the doctrine of "every member a missionary"2? That's right. They are all taught to treat everyone who is not a member as an investigator, or someone who could potentially become a member.

They are taught to be charitable and kind, not to show the world their problems, to always be an example of faithfulness, to thereby attract more people to the church. They say they don't have an agenda, but they actually do. They claim to have the truthfulness of god's kingdom, and their duty is to convert the whole world. Because "every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ"3. There is no alternative.

So if you meet a Mormon and they are exceptionally kind, seem to have the perfect life, and want to be your bestest friend, know that their ultimate goal is to assimilate you. Because in their mind, there is nothing greater. They have scriptures that tell them they will be happy and more happy the more people they convert.

3. They are adverse to nonMormon information

Mormons are a funny group. They say the "glory of god is intelligence"4, but have a very limited library to choose from. Church leaders have been censoring what information is available to the Mormon public since its inception. And because members believe their leaders are called of god, and counsel is given out of love for their protection, they don't question.

Information that is not Mormon promoting is called "anti-Mormon" literature. It is taught to be corrosive to the soul, detrimental to faith, evil in the eyes of god. I myself was very afraid to read anything about the church that was not published by the church because I thought it would invite Satan into my home. And Satan and his followers creeped the hell out of me. 

I eased myself into apostasy slowly, first by searching for the church's well-hid essays on controversial gospel topics. In fact, most members do not know these essays exist, and I've even been told they are anti-Mormon lit because of it. But no, the church put out essays addressing common doctrinal questions, like women and the church5, blacks and the priesthood6, the Book of Abraham7, genetics and the Book of Mormon8...etc. 

But because members will only read what is put out by the church, not google questions per the advice of leaders, only use Facebook to spread the gospel, and never question, they are stuck in a rut of "the church is true" and nothing will change their minds. Even presented with evidence showing they are wrong, they will find a way to refute it.  Or they will justify, equivocate, get defensive, and remind you they have felt the spirit bear witness in their hearts that they are right and you are wrong.

4. They ignore real problems

In conjunction with being obsessed with appearances, Mormons ignore real problems. Problems like mental illness, problems like equality, problems like tithing money being used to build malls, problems like members with questions being excommunicated. 

Utah, the Mormon Mecca, is among the top states for narcotic abuse, medicated depression, suicide, pornography use, and rape9. The divorce rate is the same among Mormons as nonMormons10

But all is well in Zion. Because the Mormon leaders have been hard at work building mega malls, investing in real estate, buying media outlets such as KSL11, and teaching that homosexuality is a sin. In fact, for the longest time, it was widely accepted among Mormons that homosexuality was a choice, not a biological condition.

And now, when a Mormon says, "we don't hate gays", what they really mean is "we don't hate gays, we just don't accept them unless they are celibate, silent Mormons who don't work with the youth, don't act gay, and spread the gospel just like every other Mormon."12 Because you see, being gay is just a biological side effect of mortality, it isn't who a person is meant to be in the eternities, so if they endure this birth defect well, god will take away their gayness in the world to come and give them a righteous spouse who wasn't lucky enough to be married in this life.

I'm sorry, but that is scary.

5. They aren't taught their church's real history

When I was a young Mormon, I was taught one version of the First Vision, or Joseph Smith's story about how God appeared to him. I was shown pictures of Joseph translating gold plates. I was taught he was unfairly jailed, and unlawfully persecuted. I was taught he was murdered for being a man of god. I was taught Native Americans came from the Middle East.

But I wasn't taught that Joseph Smith and his dad were treasure hunters13. I wasn't taught he read the Book of Mormon out of a hat14. I wasn't taught that he was jailed and murdered for destroying a printing press that printed a story about his polygamous habits15. I wasn't taught he had 30 wives16, some as young as 14, and mother daughter, sister sister pairs. I wasn't taught that the witnesses never actually saw the plates17. I wasn't taught all 9 versions of the First Vision18. I wasn't taught Brigham Young's Adam/God theory19. I wasn't taught mitochondrial genetic heritage, and how the Book of Mormon claims are impossible20. I wasn't taught how the president of the church stole the relief society's grain money in the name of god21. I wasn't taught about conversion therapy for gays22. I wasn't taught about the Kinderhook plates (counterfeits that Joseph translated), or Solomon Spaulding (who's book about Napoleon mirrors almost exactly the language of the Book of Mormon, but was written years  before), or the Book of Abraham (which is actually a book of breathings according to Egyptologists)23.

Members are not taught this. They watch romanticized videos in Sunday school. They view historically inaccurate artwork (i.e. Joseph Translating actual golden plates). And if you  try to tell them this,  they say you have an agenda, that the information is anti-Mormon, and that you cannot destroy their faith.  They are so brainwashed, or insecure, or afraid, they won't even look to see if you are wrong. They just automatically assume that you are.

6. They judge everyone around them

Mormons like to say they don't judge, but oh do they. Let me tell you how. Mormons believe they have the whole truth in terms of religion. They way they turn this into something sweet, is by saying everyone else only has part of the truth. And it is their duty to "bring the world his truth"24 as the primary song goes. 

Instead of saying they judge someone, they will say they are sad for them. Or they wish they had the gospel in their lives. Or they would make such a valiant member of the church. Or they could do so much good if they only had the gospel. To Mormons looking at everyone on the outside, they only see misery. Because no one can be truly happy without the gospel of Jesus Christ. They may not realize how unhappy they are, but that is because they don't know any better. And that is why Mormons have a conversion obsession, always trying to convert everyone around them.

They may say they don't hate gays, but they think they are wrong in their lifestyle. They may not hate feminists, but they know that is not what god has ordained for women. They may not hate other religions, but they know theirs in the most correct. They may not judge unrighteous people, but they know god will judge them for their sins25.

7. There are only three kinds of people: member, nonmember, apostate

To a Mormon, there used to be only two kinds of people: Members and NonMembers. And more recently, a third has been added with the glory of the internet and social media: the Apostate. Sure, there have always been dissenters, since the early days of the church even, but now they have a loud and recognizable voice.

Members are god's chosen people. NonMembers are god's lost sheep and have the potential to be Members if Members fellowship them and they are humble enough to receive the good world. Apostates are the spawn of Satan who have tasted of the "fruit of the tree"26 and forsaken their god. Apostates always have an agenda to tear the church down and destroy the faithful.

Unfortunately, apostates are just those who have discovered the true nature of the church. And even more unfortunate, they idea of "spread the good word" is so engrained in them from their Mormon days they can't help but share what they know. It's like the anti-testimony, you have to share it because you have been taught the more you do, the more it will grow, and the more it will touch the lives of others. As an ex-mormon, or Apostate, I can very much relate. I was devastated when I discovered my church was false. It was my whole world. It was my identity. And I was so committed to it, that now, on the other side, I feel the same sense of urgency, the same duty, to tell Members about what I have discovered. The problem is, being so entrenched in the doctrine, it is hard to listen to anything against the church. Which is why it took me two years to reason my way out of it.

8. Their leaders are infallible

This one is particularly scary. Mormons believe that men are subject to the flesh, meaning that they can make mistakes. But they believe that leaders are called and chosen of god for their faithfulness and ability to be true to the gospel. And with god as their constant companion, they cannot lead the members astray. Therefore, the leaders do become infallible to the members and they will follow them right off the edge of the earth.

Mormons will vote for who the prophet tells them to vote for. They will legislate the way the prophet tells them. They will shun who they are told to shun. They will only read what they are told to read. They will wear what they are told to wear. They will live where they are told to live. They will pay what they are told to pay.

Mormons follow the prophet to a fault. Including defending a crazy old man's rantings about how being gay is a choice, and god would never create a gay person27. They believe when they are given misinformation about the founding members of the church, about the doctrine, about the evidence.

Joseph Smith is a godlike character to them, and while they say they don't worship him, a significant portion of there education curriculum is devoted just to him. And when bearing testimony, they will often recite the words "I know Joseph Smith was a prophet". They won't say "I know Joseph Smith cheated on Emma, I know he had a wife who was 14 years old, I know he destroyed printing presses and wasted gobs of the saints' money, I know he told different versions of his first vision, I know he used a rock in a hat to translate the Book of Mormon". 

And when a leader makes a mistake, there is always a nice excuse. But they are never, ever faulted.

9. They want a Mormon theocracy

The fact that Mormons want a Mormon theocracy is probably the scariest. Sure, if they want to remain in their own little cult bubble, that's fine. But most Mormons would be delighted at a Mormon president creating a Mormon government. Because they have the truth of course, and the world needs them to shine a light and make everything wrong right.

This could mean many things. For one, no gay marriage. Two, no abortions. Three, no ladies working outside of the home. Four, no tank tops. Five, no tattoos or body piercings. Six, no coffee, tea or alcohol. Seven, no business on the Sabbath. Eight, Mormon Creationism taught in schools. 

It would start small of course, because Mormons believe in agency, and all men making their own choices, "let them worship how, where or what they may", but eventually it would turn into large scale decisions for the greater good.

Mormon leaders historically have told members how to vote. Vote to keep prohibition. Vote for prop 8, vote for Romney, vote no for marijuana. Utah legislation has also most recently declared pornography a public health crisis, instead of addressing the problem of inversion and pollution. 

Would you want a president who prayed for answers rather than used evidence and advisors? Would you want a president who's religion and god came first? Would you want a president who listened to an ecclesiastical leader before anyone else? Of course, Christian America nods their head, with the little caveat of "well, if they were catholic, or baptist, or evangelical". Right? What is they were Buddhist? Or Hindu? Or Muslim? Would you agree then with their theocracy? Probably not.

Religion has no place in government. Government should remain religiously impartial. But Mormons would be tickled pink if a Mormon was elected president. That man, because it's not a woman's place to lead, would be called and chosen of god to redeem our fallen nation. In fact, Joseph Smith prophesied that Mormons would literally save the country from the brink of destruction.

And these are just a few of the reasons why Mormons are actually scary. 

1. I am a Mormon
2. Every Member a Missionary
3. Every Knee shall bow
4. the glory of god is intelligence
5. Women and the church
6. Blacks and the Priesthood
7. Book of Abraham
8.Genetics and the Book of Mormon
9. Porn use among members
10. Divorce rate
A 1999 study by Barna Research of nearly 4,000 U.S. adults showed that 24% of Mormon marriages end in divorce -- a number statistically equal to the divorce rate among all Americans.
11. Church media and other investments
12. Church Handbook about gays
13. Treasure hunters
14. Book of Mormon translated out of a hat
15. The printing press
16. Polygamy and Joseph Smith
17. Spiritual eyes
18. 9 first visions
19. Adam/god
20. Genetics and the Book of Mormon
21. Relief Society grain money
22. Conversion therapy
23. Kinderhood, Solomon Spaulding, Book of Abraham
24. Armies of Heleman
25. Final judgment
26. Lehi’s dream
27. Elder Packer’s conference Address


  1. WOW!!! This blog is to the tee perfectly true. I found that every word in this article to be true, right and correct. These words are what so many want to say but are afraid to say it. Very good Sara!!!

  2. All true. I like how Mormons continue to overlook what is right in front of them, and even admitted by the church. One guy was recently excommunicated for raising questions sighting only church published material. For example, how "God" denied black men the priesthood until completely coincidental and unrelated civil rights rioting in the 1960s... Then "god" changed his mind.

    Truth staring them in the face of the injustice, prejudice, and inconsistency of their "god" running their infallible church, and every Mormon knows it happened... but is somehow OK with it.

    I'm not OK with it.

  3. From the INSIDE:
    1- Local Leaders at the Bishop level and above seem often to be the most financially well off members in their "wards". Easy to do because they keep records of who tithes what so it's easy to see who's contributing the most and then "pray" and decide that's the one to be the next Bishop that is "called by G-d".
    2- The Mormon Church controls it's membership by scaring women badly about their position relative to G-d IF they do not follow church doctrine. They are commanded NOT to associate with, date, or get married to non-Mormon men. And they are interviewed separately from their Husbands for Temple Recommends to see if they will give a guilt confession to fink out their unworthy husbands.
    If a man wants to have a girlfriend, find a wife, and have kids in Utah the Mormon church has rigged it so the WOMEN make the men toe-the-line or it will not happen. Think about that...the same women that are getting screwed over by the church are taught to make sure the church can screw over any man they can attract. Control the Mormon women and you control the Utah men. Amen!
    3- Women line up for repentance sessions at the Wards. Lots of them. Rarely do you see a man repenting formally to the Bishop. Just lots of crying women begging Bishops for their forgiveness.
    4- If a Mormon guy denies any wrong doing to his Bishop - even if a Mormon woman is undergoing an emotional "repentance" for exactly the same thing and even possibly involving HIM, nothing is done to the guy even though the woman is being emotionally tortured. It's rigged. Scaring women who then turn around and become slaves of the Mormon church, and in turn, they enslave the Men who want nothing to do with it. There are lot's of hypocrite Mormon men in Utah.
    5- Read and learn the science of propaganda and then look at the Mormon Church to see how those same principles are used to enslave members, make the church rich, and keep the poor poor so the Mormon Church can keep "fixing them" and gain the propaganda value from keeping the poor poor AND advertising that as a "good deed".
    6- The Mormon Church is now filled with psychopaths/sociopaths, and all forms of predators and a lot of them go to church each Sunday and "repent" and just keep repeating their harms with the excuse of "I've repented for it"...and the Mormon church teaches that once someone repents you should no longer consider them as having sinned.
    I'd suggest that you take the entire LDS - Mormon religion with a MAJOR dose of evidence and reality. Find a non-Mormon life partner and you'll be a whole lot happier!

  4. They don't REALLY believe in agency. That was a big betrayal and massive motivator for me when I finally left. They SAY they believe in people making their own decisions, but you're only RIGHT if you believe the way they TELL you to. Otherwise you're shunned and shamed and punished. Yeah, they TOTALLY believe in agency.

    1. Exactly. I wrote a whole blog on how LDS salvation is based on subjective obedience, not objective morality :)

  5. Great points. I am in total agreement!


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