Sunday, July 10, 2016

Want to Know More about Christ Like Behaviors?

This is what happens when an insane Mormon loses their shit 😂😂😂. She seems to think I am incapable of thinking for myself (which is hilarious considering Mormons do nothing but appeal to authority and do whatever their leaders tell them to). I think she may have some issues with male authority and is taking it out on me.......which is BIZARRE because I don't bow my head and say yes to obey my husband..... Or she's got a weird crush on my husband and stalked me. And that is a little too creepy for me. But hey, he's a smart and handsome guy,  guess I can't blame her 😉

However, I thought I'd make a list of my favorite quotes by Ms. Dumbo since she took the time to harass me. I also took the liberty of pointing out a couple of fallacies she committed, as well as other acts of Christian kindness. And just to clarify, no I didn't follow my husband out of the church, no I didn't suffer a fashion faux pas at church, no I'm not a moron, and yes I like intellectual conversations and thinking for myself.

"Something tells me a lot of his thought have become yours (my husband). Ur that brain and don't let others think for you" --Faulty Sign

"Who cares who's wronged you! Who cares who made fun of your outfit at church!!" --Strawman

"NEWS FLASH: there's douche bags everywhere!" - Generalization

"I think you just want to say anything negative you can about the church lol. It's quite comical." --Faulty Cause

"It also helps you followed your husband and didn't think for yourself. I have my own mind and if I come to the same conclusion, so be it but it wont be because of what my husband says." --Strawman

"I feel bad for you" --Superiority

"I love how you can't handle simple intellectual comments" --Red Herring

"How about throw some intellect at me or is it hard because you're inferior." --Appealing to extremes

"You claim to be so smart. Show me. Think for yourself and say something." --Tu Quoque

"You're like talking to my 4 yr old that can't have a conversation due to a tempt tantrum" --Non sequitur.

"Be a freakin atheist, no one gives a crap" --Compassion

"Its pathetic!!! Waaa we all hate things but seriously suck it up!!" --Appeal to the crowd

"(About me) I've already been told stories-which surprised me." --Mormons like to keep tabs on apostates

"I'll let you be miserable" --Christlike Charity

Upon asking her to stop harassing me, she blocked me on Facebook and then informed me through my blog she had gotten a lawyer. Not sure about you, but that's when I realized that this wasn't just some crazy venting her insecurities and she might actually be dangerous. She had taken the time to stalk me. Our university had published an article about my husband's journey out of the church, and she got into a debate with him in the comments section. She then somehow figured out who I am, because my husband and I were not connected on social media at the time, and after finding out who I am, somehow found this blog, and began leaving harassing commends responding to my posts about leaving the church.

Not only were her comments belittling and threatening, they were perfect examples of what members do to those who dare to leave the church. I was also shocked to discover she had young children and taught at a local school. She should in no way be allowed around kids, because Zeus forbid they have  different ideology from her.

Once I realized she had gone from annoying commenter to threatening stalker, I contacted the local law enforcement and the bishops of the wards in town. I let them know there was someone who had been actively stalking me and was threatening me as an individual for writing my own blog about various religious subjects. I let them know that she began threatening me with legal action when I used her name (because I had asked my husband if he knew who she was and he did), which they informed me was her way of retaliating due to having been found out. She was operating in a safe zone thinking I didn't know who she was. I was told that if she set foot on my property or made any further harassing remarks, I could seek legal protection, because she was harassing me personally on the basis of religion and we had dates and proof of her instigating remarks. They also noted that I had no posts specifically about her except for one where I asked her to leave me alone because I had no other way of contacting her.

If you feel you are being stalked, seek help immediately.

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